Collections and sites

Exploring the relationship between objects, knowledge, place, identity and significance through conservation inquiry.

Research leads

Dr Jonathan Kemp
Dr Robert Lazarus
Prof Robyn Sloggett
Dr Nicole

Research partners

Kanamkek-Yile Ngala Museum, Thamarrurr Development Corporation – Wadeye

Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology
Henan Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage
The School of History, Zhengzhou University

Doctoral Studies


Leila Alhagh, Interdisciplinarity approaches to the study of distanciated (Islamic) manuscripts: 'Sad Kalamih Shah Vilayat (One Hundred Sayings by Ali): Manzumih dar Hajj (Futuh al-Haramayn)' a case study

Isa Loo, ‘Assessment and evaluation of inorganic, calcite-based treatment, in the conservation of earthen cultural materials’, PhD, Dr Nicole Tse, Associate Professor Andrew Jamieson, Dr Caroline Kyi

Murphy Bouma, Designing a collection management system for Melbourne’s street art and graffiti through the use of geographical information systems’

Huishu Zhang, ‘Developing Environmental Risk Assessment Methodology for Cultural Heritage Protection in Diversified Cultural Contexts’, PhD, Dr Nicole Tse, Professor Robyn Sloggett

Research activities

The Middle Manuscript Collection at the University of Melbourne

The Leonhard Adam Collection at the University of Melbourne

Indigenous collections on country

China program

Research Translation

Research translation through Grimwade Conservation Services

Public Programs


Content in the Field: the Philippines
How do conservators negotiate conservation decisions in the field in cross-cultural and cross-sectorial contexts?

In this field based subject based in the Philippines in Manila and Guiuan, Eastern Samar, students develop an appreciation of cultural diversity, community sensitivities and a new media discourses that exist within the cultural heritage and conservation sectors. View the Content in the Field Handbook entry

Research classifications


Field of Research (FoR)

43020 1 Archival, repository and related studies
43020 6 Heritage collections and interpretations
450188 Conservation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage

Socio-Economic Objectives (SEO)

130405 Conserving the historic environment
210405 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander places of significance
210402 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander connection to land and environment
280113 Expanding knowledge in history, heritage and archaeology