Technical studies

The Grimwade Centre’s research advances conservation methods and materials, their ageing and application properties as well the novel use of analytical instrumentation to develop new knowledge in cultural materials conservation.

Research leads

Dr Jonathan Kemp

Dr Petronella Nel

Prof Robyn Sloggett

Dr Nicole Tse

Research partners

Doctoral Studies

2016 - Madeleine Roberts, ‘Indigenous art authentication in Australia: developing process-driven authentication framework for market-driven sector’, PhD, Professor Robyn Sloggett and Dr Nicole Tse.

2013 - Raymonda Rajkowski ‘The characterisation of acrylic emulsion paints in Australian colour-field painting’, PhD, Dr Nicole Tse and Dr Petronella Nel.

2014 - Dan Mossenson, ‘Fake Art/Art Forgery/Art Fraud An Examination Of The Legal Issues And Their Implications With Particular Focus On Australian Indigenous Art’, PhD, Professor Robyn Sloggett and Professor Su Baker.

2012 - Sabine Cotte ‘Mirka Mora and works of Art’, PhD, Dr Niocle Tse and Assoc. Professor Alison Inglis

2012 - Felicity Strong, ‘Art fraud and the art market’, PhD, Professor Robyn Sloggett, Dr Nicole Tse, Assoc. Professor Alison Inglis.

2012 - Apryl Morden, ‘An examination of the oeuvre of Howard Arkley: a technical study’ PhD, Professor Robyn Sloggett and Dr Nicole Tse.

Research activities

A national framework for managing malignant plastics in museum collections

3D printing of custom musical instruments for heritage and industry needs

Attribution and authentication

Research translation

Museums Victoria

Queensland Museum

Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences – Powerhouse Museum

Art Gallery of New South Wales

MAMU- Music Archive Monash University

South Australian Museum

Flinders University

University of Technology Sydney

Centre for Classics and Archaeology (The University of Melbourne)

School of Chemistry (The University of Melbourne)

School of Earth Sciences (The University of Melbourne)

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