The National Conservation Program

Policy, pedagogy and program research link conservation with government and industry to build new ways of thinking about how conservation can be a national contributor to social, economic and emotional health.

Research leads

Prof Robyn Sloggett
Dr Marcelle Scott

Research partners

Bathurst Regional Council

Doctoral studies

Ainslee Meredith, The public value of conservation in Australia: a social justice framework

Sophie Lewincamp, Tiered contact zones: a new engagement model for cultural materials conservation

Research activities

Supporting students for transition to employment: building conservation careers across Australia. Round 2, 2017 Student Services and Amenities Fee Grants (The University of Melbourne) project.

Research Translation

Research translation through Grimwade Conservation Services
Dr Nicole Tse, Chief Editor, AICCM Bulletin
Dr Jonathan Kemp, Chief Editor, Journal of the Institute of Conservation

Public Programs
RSL Lifecare Museum