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Develop your expertise through our Masters in Cultural
Materials Conservation, higher degree and other programs

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The Grimwade Centre delivers conservation teaching and research programs that are interdisciplinary, flexible in their delivery mode and which emphasise the philosophical, intellectual and scientific enquiries relevant to cultural materials conservation. Utilising the vast cultural collections and scientific facilities of the University, our teaching programs are practice based, ethical and informed by experts from the Grimwade Centre Commercial Services.

Specialist education is provided in various ways, including the:

The Specialist Certificate in Cross-Cultural Conservation and Heritage provides culturally informed advocates with an opportunity to enhance their expert knowledge. On successful completion of the Specialist Certificate, students may be eligible to progress to our other graduate degree conservation programs.

The cultural collections of the University and practice based experts from the Centre's Commercial Services provide an invaluable research and teaching resource. Linking these collections with the scientific research skill base at the University provides a unique student experience.