War Heritage Roadshow North Melbourne 31 March - 1 April

Friday 31 March - Consultation Day

Saturday 1 April - Activity Day

People discussing historical prints   Historic military map of Northern Europe 

Friday 31 March - Consultation Day

10 am to 4 pm

Please book a free individual session with one of our experts. Twenty-minute sessions run from 10am to 4pm and bookings are essential.

Memorabilia brought in for these sessions will be photographed as a documentary record of the workshops.

For your safety and that of others STRICTLY NO WEAPONS OR MUNITION. If you would like advice about items of this type, please bring a photo.

Observer tickets are also available.

Our war heritage roadshow team will also deliver information sessions on how to research your family's military history and a series of conservation demonstrations.

1:15pm Metals cleaning

1:30pm Disaster preparedness and recovery for the home

2:00pm Archival framing

2:30pm Dry cleaning of paper memorabilia

3:00pm Packing & transport of framed works

3:30pm Padded supports for textiles

Saturday 1 April - Activity Day

10:15 am to 12:30 pm Session 1

10:15 am Talk: Caring for Wartime Memorabilia

11:00 am Morning tea provided

11:15 am - 12:30 pm  Demonstration and information sessions: Brush vacuuming and insect checking of textiles/uniforms, cleaning & care of framed works, removing photographs from magnetic albums, archival storage of paper memorabilia, and researching family military history.

Photo of a man beside a World War 2 plane decorated with a couple embracing and the words I'll be seeing you 

Saturday 1 April 1 pm to 4:30 pm Session 2

1:15 pm Talk: Caring for wartime Memorabilia

2:00pm afternoon tea provided

2:15-4:30pm Demonstration and Information sessions: Mould cleaning of paper memorabilia, Cleaning & care of framed works, Packing & transport of framed works, Removing photographs from magnetic albums, Cleaning of metals, and Researching family military history.

All sessions will run for approximately 15 minutes. Doors close 4:45 pm

Online Bookings - Friday 31 March

Online Bookings - Saturday 1 April

Location: Victorian Archives Centre, 99 Shiel St, North Melbourne VIC 3051

Enquiries Phone: 03 9348 5700

Enquiries Email: warheritageroadshow@gmail.com

Getting to the Victorian Archives Centre


Route 57: City to West Maribyrnong from Elizabeth Street via Victoria, Errol, Queensberry and Abbotsford Streets. Closest stop No. 16 at Haines Street

Route 55: Domain Interchange to West Coburg from William Street via Flemington Road. Closest stop No. 19 at Abbotsford Street.

Route 59: City to Airport West from Elizabeth Street via Flemington Road. Closest stop No. 19 at Abbotsford Street.


North Melbourne station or Macaulay station.


Route 402: East Melbourne to Footscray from terminus opposite St Vincent’s Hospital (Victoria Parade) via Rathdowne and Shiel Street. Closest stop Canning Street just south of the intersection with Shiel Street. Buses run every 10 minutes between 6.00am and 7.00pm.


Melway ref: 2A E6, 43 C3

Two-hour street parking at Shiel Street entrance

Free all day off-street carpark at 112 Macaulay Road, North Melbourne (opposite the football ground)