University of Melbourne Stories

Alfred and Frances Derham on their wedding day, 10 July 1917, University of Melbourne Archives,
Alfred Plumley Derham collection, 1963.0024, BWP30,564.

The letters and diary of A.P Derham, stored in the University of Melbourne archives, reveal a steadfast young medical student who served in both World War 1 and World War 2. Read more ...

Swallow and Ariell Patriotic Sewing Bee c. 1916, Swallow & Ariell Pty. Ltd Collection 1961.0035,
University of Melbourne Archives BWP/23,162

University of Melbourne Archives holds a range of material relating to work done on the home front to support those serving in the war. This took many guises, from women working, children participating in fundraising drives and communities rallying together to support the business of war.

Swallow & Ariell, a prominent Victorian biscuit manufacturing company founded by Thomas Swallow in 1858, was one such business whose workers did much for the war effort. Photogaphs within the Swallow & Ariell collection offer an insight Melbourne home front activities during the First World War. Read more ...

Flowers picked and pressed by Ray Jones from Flanders, 1916.
University of Melbourne Archives, Ray Jones collection.

Ray Jones, a private signaler in the 19th battalion picked and preserved poppies from a French battlefield during the First World War. Amazingly these flowers still exist and are in the University of Melbourne Archives. Read more ...