Warrnambool 11 - 12 August

Please note change of venue to Emmanuel College Old Hall, Warrnambool

Friday 11 August - Consultation Day

Day 1 -Consultation Day

Friday 11 August 10 am to 4 pm

Please book a free individual session with one of our experts;

  • Jude Fraser specialising paper based wartime memorabilia (photos, prints, documents and diaries);
  • Marica Mucic specialising in 3D artefacts (uniforms, military kit and equipment, medals and textiles);
  • David Gardner, Director of the RAAF Museum who will assist with general and historical information.

Twenty-minute sessions run from 10am to 4pm and bookings are essential.

Memorabilia brought in for these sessions will be photographed as a documentary record of the workshops.

For your safety and that of others STRICTLY NO WEAPONS OR MUNITION. If you would like advice about these, please bring a photo.

Rolling collection care demonstrations will be running throughout the day:

  • Cleaning of metal artefacts
  • How to safely store textiles and uniforms
  • Archival storage of paper
  • Researching military history and medal information

We encourage people without memorabilia wishing to view sessions to book an observer ticket.

Saturday 12 August - Activity Day

Day 2 - Activity Day

Saturday 12 August 10 am to 4 pm

10:15 am Talk: Caring for Wartime Memorabilia by Jude Fraser (40 mins)

11:00 am Talk: The RAAF Museum Collections by David Gardner (20 mins)

Individual artefact consutlation sessions avilable on request.

Rolling collection care demonstrations will be running during the day.

These include:

  • Cleaning of metal artefacts
  • Removing photographs from magnetic albums
  • Brush vacuuming/checking textile collections for insects
  • Cleaning of maps and dealing with mould.

Online Bookings

New Location:

Emmanuel College Old Hall
37 Ardlie Street, Warrnambool

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