Australia and China: Cultural Materials Conservation Cooperative Research Network

With Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology (SPIA), Henan Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage and Zhengzhou University.

Project activities include:

2015 - ‘The technical study and scientific examination of tomb wall paintings, Shaanxi province, China’ with the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology, Prof. Tonia Eckfeld, Dr Caroline Kyi, Dr Alex Duan, Dr Nicole Tse.

2015 -‘Investigations into the conservation issues and conservation and treatment solutions for earthen materials’ with Henan Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage, Prof. Tonia Eckfeld, Dr Caroline Kyi, Susie Collis.

2015 - Qujiang Museum Forum, Xian, Shaanxi, GCCMC & SPIA, Prof. Tonia Eckfeld, Dr Caroline Kyi, Dr Alex Duan (Chemistry).

2014 - Cultural materials conservation: China and Australia programs, Friday 12 September, University of Melbourne, organsied by the Grimwade Centre with representations from 3 MOU Chinese partners.

2014 - ICOM CC 17th Triennial Conference Melbourne, Opening Plenary: Prof. Ma Xiaolin, and Dr Shao Anding, 14-17 September 2014, Melbourne Convention Centre, CCMC Organising Committee.

May–Sept 2014 - Establishment of cooperative arrangements: execution of MoUs between the Grimwade Centre and three Chinese partners.

Dec 2014-May 2015 - Mr Zhanyun Zhu, University of Science and Technology of China, PhD candidate and Visiting Scholar supported by a China Scholarship Council.