Attribution and technical studies

The Grimwade Centre is developing authentication protocols that combine the disciplines of criminology, art history and materials science to guarantee authentic works of art. It involves an understanding of provenance and history, and research projects have resulted in the establishment of data bases that identify securely provenanced works in public institutions, and the catalogue records for prominent artists.


Professor Robyn Sloggett

Research supervisions

2016 - Madeleine Roberts, ‘Indigenous art authentication in Australia: developing process-driven authentication framework for market-driven sector’, PhD, Prof Robyn Sloggett & Dr Nicole Tse.

2013 - Raymonda Rajkowski ‘The characterisation of acrylic emulsion paints in Australian colour-field painting’, PhD, Dr Nicole Tse & Dr Petronella Nel.

2014 - Dan Mossenson, 'Fake Art/Art Forgery/Art Fraud An Examination Of The Legal Issues And Their Implications With Particular Focus On Australian Indigenous Art', PhD, Prof. Robyn Sloggett & Prof. Su Baker.

2012 - Sabine Cotte ‘Mirka Mora and works of Art’, PhD, Dr Niocle Tse & Assoc. Prof, Alison Inglis

2012 - Felicity Strong, ‘Art fraud and the art market’, PhD, Prof. Robyn Sloggett, Dr Nicole Tse, A Prof. Alison Inglis.

2012 - Apryl Morden, ‘An examination of the oeuvre of Howard Arkley: a technical study’ PhD, Prof. Robyn Slogget & Dr Nicole Tse.

Research projects and other activities

Databases have been developed on a range of Australian artists including Rupert Bunny, William Strutt, Arthur Streeton, John Peter Russell, Rover Thomas, and Sidney Nolan.

2015 - AINSE Grant ‘Indigenous Art Fraud: characterisation of ochres from the Kimberley & other sources by Neutron Activation Analysis’, Dr Petronella Nel, Lau, D, Lenehan, Polpeka-Filkoff, R & Prof. Robyn Sloggett.

2001-2003 - ARC Linkage (SPIRT) Grant C00106875 ‘Authentication of Australian Art - Artists’ Supports’ (Lauraine Diggins Fine Art), Prof. Robyn Sloggett.

2000 - ARC Small Grant ‘Artists’ Intent: Implications of materials and technical choices in the art of Robert Hunter and Robert Jacks’, Prof. Robyn Sloggett.

1997-1998 - Small ARC Grant ‘Artists’ papers–Australian printmakers 1880’, Prof. Robyn Sloggett.

1996 - Small ARC Grant ‘Characterisation and effects of pigment on an artificially aged egg tempera binding medium’, Prof. Robyn Sloggett& Dr Narayan Khandekar.

1995 - Small ARC Grant ‘Raman Spectroscopy:  A study of its use for art and archival material research’, Prof. Robyn Sloggett.

1995 - Small ARC Grant ‘John Peter Russell‘, Sloggett with Dr A Galbally.

1994 - Small ARC Grant ‘Arthur Streeton, the artist and his materials’, Sloggett with J Payne.

1993 - Small ARC Grant ’ Analytical electron microscopy of Australian Art Materials 1850-1920’, Goodman, Sloggett.

1992 - Small ARC Grant ‘Materials Analysis and Provenance Document for Authentication of Australian paintings (1850 – 1920)’ Sloggett with Prof. Tony Klein & Prof. Tom O’Donnell.

1991 - Large ARC Grant ‘Forgery and Restoration: The authentication and analysis of select medieval illuminated manuscripts in Australia’, Sloggett with Prof. Manion & Prof. O’Donnell.

1991 - Large ARC Grant ‘Materials Analysis and Provenance Documentation for Authentication of Australian paintings (1850 – 1920)’, Sloggett with Prof. Tony Klein & Prof. Tom O’Donnell.