Cultural Earth: Bringing an Ancient Culture to the Modern Day


The Lab, Level 2 of the Digital Studio Arts WesT (Building 148)


The importance of First Nations culture and belief and the lessons that they brought have never been more important, and digital technologies provide a wider variety of mediums to explore culture than has been previously available. Digital design can establish links between Indigenous and Western sciences that have sustained our landscapes since time immemorial.

This seminar will discuss the visualisation software, developed by Virtual Songlines, that seeks to represent the impacts and developments of Aboriginal peoples' traditional science and technologies using digital innovation, 3D visualisation and virtual reality. It will also explore how these technologies can be used to respectfully support the next generation of First Nations inventors, knowledge holders and innovators in gaining a greater understanding of their lands, culture and heritage.

Part of the Indigenous Australia and Digital Futures seminars series.


Mr Brett Leavy, Creative Director

Brett Leavy is a First Nations, Digital Aboriginal and descends from the Kooma people whose traditional country is bordered by St George in the east, Cunnamulla in the west, north by the town of Mitchell and south to the QLD/NSW border. Brett’s dedicated his working life to cultural knowledge recording and the industry of communications. His digital work seeks to represent the arts, cultural stories, heritage, traditional knowledge and histories of First Nation people using new, immersive and interactive technologies.