Knowing Animals Reading Group - 25 February - 'Eating Meat and Eating People'

We start this year of 'Seminal Readings in Animal Studies' with one of my favourite texts Cora Diamond’s 'Eating Meat and Eating People', Philosophy, Vol. 53, No.206 (Oct 1978).

Where: The Linkway, L4, John Medley Building (Building 191), the University of Melbourne
When: 6-7pm, Monday 25th February, 2019

All welcome, please join us for the discussion


This paper is a response to a certain sort of argument defending the rights of animals. Part I is a brief explanation of the background and of the sort of argument I want to reject; Part II is an attempt to characterise those arguments: they contain fundamental confusions about moral relations between people and people and between people and animals. And Part III is an indication of what I think can still be said on-as it were-the animals' side.