Knowing Animals Reading Group - March – Intersections

A Focus on Seminal Works in Animal Studies - Intersections. Continuing our focus on 'Seminal Readings in Animal Studies'. This session intersections considers two texts that make connections between feminism and animal studies.

Where: The Linkway, L4, John Medley Building (Building 191), the University of Melbourne
When: 6-7pm, Monday 25th March, 2019

All welcome, please join us for the discussion

  • Josephine Donovan's 'Animal Rights and Feminist Theory', Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, Vol.15 no.2, 1990, and
  • Lori Gruen's 'Dismantling Oppression: An Analysis of the Connection Between Women and Animals', from Ecofeminism, Ed. Greta Gaard, Temple University Press, 1993
  • Further reading suggestion (not essential): Carol J. Adams - 'The Sexual Politics of Meat' in Heresies 21, 1987, pp.51-55