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Monographs and edited books

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Refereed journal articles scholarly chapters

  • Creed, Barbara and Reesink, Maarten (guest eds.) (2015) 'Animals' Special Section, NECSUS - European Journal of Media Studies Spring 2015
  • Creed, Barbara (2015) "Maitresse: pornography, ritual and the question of the ritual," in Coleman, Lindsay (ed.,). Sex and Storytelling. London: Routledge
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  • Creed, Barbara (2014) "Evolution, Extinction and the Eco-Trauma Film, Darwin's Nightmare (2014) and A Zed & Two Noughts (1985)," in Narine, Anil (ed.,). Eco-Trauma Cinema. London: Routledge, pp. 25-45
  • Creed, Barbara (2014) "Animals Deaths on Screen: Film & Ethics," in Relations: Beyond Anthropocentrism, 'Minding Animals: Part 1', 2 (1), 2014, pp. 15-31
  • Creed, Barbara (2013) "Nenette: Film Theory, Animals, and Boredom," in Necsus: European Journal of Media Studies 3 (Spring): np
  • Hoorn, Jeanette and Creed, Barbara (2015) "Abject Art and the Animal," in Chare, Nicholas and Arya, Rina (eds.,). Abject Visions. Manchester: Manchester University Press
  • McCausland, C., O'Sullivan, S. and Brenton, S. (2013) "Trespass, Animals and Democratic Engagement," in Res Publica 19(3), pp. 205-221
  • O'Sullivan, S., Grey, J., Creed, B. (2014) ""Low down dirty rat": popular and moral responses to urban wildlife living in suburban Melbourne," in Relations: Beyond Anthropocentrism 2(2)
  • Ross, S., and O'Sullivan, S. (2013) "The World Trade Organisation (WTO)," in Linzey, A. (ed.,). The Global Guide to Animal Protection. University of Illinois Press

Keynote presentations

  • Creed, Barbara (2015) "Skin: Science Fiction, Perversion and Animal/ Human Entanglements," Deletion/ Deviation: The Perversions of Science Fiction, symposium, Deakin University.
  • Creed, Barbara (2014) "Animals, Empathy and Mental Illness," Try Walking in My Shoes: Empathy & Portrayals of Mental Illness on Screen, the University of Melbourne.
  • Creed, Barbara (2013) "Apes & Elephants: Modernity, Zoos and the Search for Sensation," Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia, University of New South Wales
  • Creed, Barbara (2013) "In Search of Sensation in the Tropical Imaginary," Tropics of the Imagination Conference, James Cook University
  • Creed, Barbara (2013) "Animate/Inanimate - the First Zoos," Animate/Inanimate Symposium, Healesville Sanctuary
  • Mowson, Lynn (2017) Dear Dairy conference, University of Canterbury
  • O'Sullivan, Siobhan (2013) "Seeing is Believing: Nonhuman Animals and Liberal Democracies," AASG@Sydney: Life in the Anthropocene, The University of Sydney

Conference presentations

  • Brenton, S., McCausland, C. and O'Sullivan, S. (2013) "Piracy, animals and democratic engagement: The limits of civil disobedience at sea," Australian Political Studies Association (APSA) Conference. Murdoch University
  • Hopgood, Fincina (2014) ""Laugh Along with Me": using comedy and autobiography to create empathy for mental illness on screen," Try Walking in My Shoes: Empathy & Portrayals of Mental Illness on Screen, the University of Melbourne.
  • Mowson, Lynn (2016) Empathic Udder-ness: Witnessing and the Traumatic Imagination. Animaladies, The University of Sydney
  • Mowson, Lynn, Pyke, S. and Singer, H. (2016) Performing Response-abilties: fleshy encounters in a time of ecological crisis. Performance Climates PsI #22, the University of Melbourne
  • Mowson, Lynn (2015) Who witnesses for the Other? AASA 2015 Conference, Animal Publics: Emotions, Empathy and Activism, the University of Melbourne

Knowledge transfer in print and speaking engagements