People and Partners

HRAE is housed in the School of Culture & Communication, in the Arts Faculty, at The University of Melbourne.

Steering Committee

Professor Barbara Creed (Director), Screen Studies, School of Culture and Communication

Professor Jeanette Hoorn, Visual Cultures, School of Culture and Communication

Dr Lynn Mowson, School of Culture and Communication

Dr Siobhan O'Sullivan, School of Social Sciences, University of New South Wales

Professor Peta Tait, Humanities and Social Sciences, La Trobe University

Advisory Committee

Dr Fiona Probyn-Rapsey, Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney

David Risstrom, Barrister, Melbourne

Dr Melissa Boyde, Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, Univeristy of Wollongong

International Committee

Dr Robert McKay, School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics, The University of Sheffield, UK

Dr Anat Pick, School of Languages, Linguistics and Film, Queen Mary, University of London, UK

Dr Tom Tyler, School of Media and Communication, University of Leeds, UK


Ms Eva Birch, Screen Studies

Dr Fincina Hopgood, Screen Studies

Dr Odette Kelada, Australian Indigenous Studies

Dr Clare McCausland, Philosophy

Affiliated Groups

Human Animal Research Network, University of Sydney

Australasian Animal Studies Association, (AASA)