ISRC Collaborator Nikki Moodie receives award for journal paper


ISRC collaborator Nikki Moodie (along with her colleague Rachel Patrick) have been awarded the The Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education Best Paper for 2018 for their work: Settler Grammars and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

The Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education is published by the Australian Teacher Education Association, and is among the most impactful education journals in Australia and among the most prestigious international outlets for publication of research in teacher education. Of the group of papers with the highest downloads in 2017, Nikki and Rachel's paper stood out to the editors due to its strong theoretical framing. Conceived in recognition of limited opportunities for professional learning in the field of Indigenous affairs more broadly, the paper responded to changes in the regulatory environment regarding compulsory inclusion of 'Indigenous content' in professional accreditation and curriculum.

We congratulate Nikki and Rachel for this fantastic achievement.

A summary of the paper from Nikki Moodie

"In 2011, the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership introduced new Professional Standards for Teachers, which require that graduate teachers possess 'knowledge and understanding' of Indigenous students and cultures. We conducted interviews with 12 non-Indigenous teacher educators at one Australian university in order to understand how these Standards are currently being interpreted and implemented. Adopting Calderon’s framework of 'settler grammars' allowed us to interpret the dialectic of presence and absence that teacher educators described. Extending this frame to an analysis of the Standards themselves, we found that settler grammars function to simultaneously erase Indigenous claims to sovereignty and epistemological equality, whilst promoting a representation of Indigenous people that asserts the primacy of the settler colonial state."

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