ARC success ISRC members!

Three separate projects led or supported by researchers from the ISRC have received grant funding from the Australian Research Council. The three projects are detailed below:

Associate Professor Chris Healy will be working with Associate Professor Belinda Smaill and Associate Professor Therese Davis (both of Monash University) on their project which aims to investigate how documentary film, television and online media have transformed our sense of the Australian environment since the 1950s. The project will produce a historicised account of how media has fashioned contemporary environmental consciousness.

Family Secrets, National Silences (ISRC member Ash Barnwell)

This project aims to investigate the inherited family secrets, stories, and memories that inform understandings of Australian colonial history. The histories told in schools and museums shape national identity and can affect Indigenous-settler relations. This project expects to generate new knowledge about the histories told or concealed within families, and how they influence people's political views. It will benefit individuals and communities working toward national healing by creating knowledge about how views are created, fixed, and altered over time.

Amplifying Indigenous news: a digital intervention (ISRC member David Nolan working with a team including Indigenous X’s Luke Pearson)

This project aims to road-test, document and analyse an innovative strategy for amplifying Indigenous voices in news media. The project will deploy and assess the impact of a new digital application designed to enable access to a diverse range of Indigenous voices, stories and agendas. The anticipated outcomes will assist the project’s industry partners meet their strategic goals of increasing the level of Indigenous media representation in Australia, and consolidate their roles as leading outlets for Indigenous content and coverage.

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