The Endemics of Pandemics at the Settler University

This presentation provided an analysis of the coterminous events of the global pandemic and the viral uprisings against fascism, anti-Black racism, and state violence as they differently but relatedly elucidate the failures of racial capitalism and the settler state and thus, by extension, the promise and prospect of the university. The states of illness, precarity and unfreedom laid bare by these events further expose colonialism and white supremacy as the most virulent pre-existing conditions. Within this context, the university marches on, committed to ‘business-as-almost-usual’ despite the risk to (some) lives and wellbeing.


Professor Sandy Grande, Political Science/Native American and Indigenous Studies at the University of Connecticut and Senior Ford Fellow.


Professor Sarah Maddison, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts and co-director of the Indigenous Settler Relations Collaboration, the University of Melbourne.

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