Springer Book Series

Interdisciplinary perspectives

Maddison, S. and Nakata, S. (eds.). Questioning Indigenous-Settler Relations: Interdisciplinary perspectives. Springer, 2019.

The first of the Springer series Indigenous-Settler Relations in Australia and the World, this book examines contemporary Indigenous affairs through questions of relationality, via a wide range of interdisciplinary perspectives. Relationality functions as a key analytical framework with which to explore the what, who, when, where, and why of Indigenous-settler relations; who steps into these relations and how; what are the different temporal and historical moments in which these relations take place and to what effect; where do these relations exist around the world and what are the variations they take on in different places; and why are these relations important for the examination of social and political life in the 21st century?

Its unique approach represents a deliberate move away from both settler-colonial studies, which examines historical and present impacts of settler states on Indigenous peoples, and from postcolonial and decolonial scholarship, which predominantly focuses on how Indigenous peoples speak back to the settler state. It explores the issues that inform, shape, and give social, legal, and political life to relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, both in Australia and globally.