Work with us

The Indigenous Settler Relations Collaboration (ISRC) is continually looking to develop new relationships and build on its knowledge base through partnership, contract and other research.

In the collaboration there is a multidisciplinary team of leading researchers that are dedicated to exploring issues relating to Indigenous Settler Relations.

The collaboration is open to both short-term and long-term partnerships, and are adaptable to a wide variety research needs. If you believe the ISRC would be a suitable fit for your initiative, research project or partnership then we encourage you to email the collaboration with your enquiry along with relevant contact details.

A summary of the publications produced by collaborators can be seen on the Publications web page

Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) students

The collaboration would love to hear from current or prospective Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) students interested in joining Indigenous Settler Relations Collaboration. The collaboration can be contacted via our Contact web page for support with:

  • Identifying potential supervisors
  • Support with the PhD application process
  • Engaged research support for existing PhD students
  • Networking opportunities with collaborators

We encourage students at all levels to subscribe to our mailing list to hear of other opportunities to get involved with the collaboration.

Springer Book series

The collaboration is currently putting together a book series under the title Indigenous-Settler Relations in Australia and the World. This series, which is to be published by Stringer Books, aims to bring together scholars interested in examining contemporary Indigenous affairs through questions of relationality. This is a unique approach that represents a deliberate move away from both settler-colonial studies (which examines historical and present impacts of settler states upon Indigenous peoples), and from postcolonial and decolonial scholarship (which is predominantly interested in how Indigenous peoples speak back to the settler state). Closely connected to, but with meaningful contrast to these approaches, the Indigenous-Settler Relations series will focus sharply upon questions about what informs, shapes and gives social, legal and political life to relations between Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous peoples, both in Australia and globally.

The book series does not currently have a release date so please subscribe to our mail out list to stay informed.