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RUIL Research Newsletter October 2018

Welcome to the latest newsletter of the Research Unit for Indigenous Language. This newsletter is published thrice yearly and contains details of the research activities, latest news and other achievements of the Research Unit.

Launch of the Bates Online project

RUIL’s Nick Thieberger has developed an online resource based on sets of vocabularies of Aboriginal languages created in the early 1900s. Clint Bracknell launched the Bates Online project at the National Library of Australia on June 12th 2018. In 1904 Daisy Bates sent out a questionnaire to... Continue reading...

Burarra Dialects project in Maningrida, Arnhem Land

Maningrida in northern Arnhem Land is among the most multilingual communities in the world, with its 2500 people speaking fourteen languages from three language families on a daily basis, as well as English and Kriol. Within this highly multilingual context, traditional languages are changing due to new patterns of mobility, multilingualism and the influence of... Continue reading...

RUIL Director's Inaugural Professorial Lecture | video available!

In May, Professor Rachel Nordlinger gave her Inaugural Professorial lecture on ‘The genius of Australian Indigenous languages, and why they are important for all of us’, where she discussed some of her favourite features of these languages - ranging from... Continue reading...

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RUIL Research Newsletter October 2018