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#ItWasGreekToMe is a digital retelling of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare for the social media-driven world. A world where millennials are in charge of Rome. Senators are the stars, influencers and entrepreneurs of the day.

Produced by Jason O'Leary, Faculty of Arts, the University of Melbourne as a transmedia, immersive, digital experience exploring how technology can be used to tell a 400-year-old story by William Shakespeare. Using messenger chats, texts and social streaming video where the dialogue by Shakespeare is not edited but presented in a way we experience the world today.

Taking inspiration from wiki leaks, whistleblowers, CCTV government surveillance, and celebrities and politicians’ insatiable appetite for baring all on social media, #ItWasGreekToMe tells the story of Brutus, Cassius, Antony and Caesar. Told through 43 different digital assets drip-fed through Facebook messenger via a chatbot over three days.

The audience is also able to explore the world through a pop-up VR experience; RVR Tiber Water, run by Mark Antony as a way to promote his side of the story. The production also deploys a game; Bottle Dash (on iTunes and Google Play) where new content can be unlocked that supports Mark Antony's cause. The audience can slip between online and offline to experience the story world.

The production makes us question what we do when presented with the truth, in an era of fake news and the 24hr news cycle.

#ItWasGreekToMe can be explored free online:

Jason O’Leary
January 2019

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Unimelb Newsroom - Social Shakespeare chatbot meets Julius Caesar


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Image credit: Still from #ItWasGreekToMe Abdul Muhaimin 3rd year Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, University of Melbourne as Mark Antony

Assets from the production - for sharing and embedding

Please note: always reference: #ItWasGreekToMe Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne in credits.

Act 1 Scene 2: 2.mp3

asset_#2: recorded on the streets in the Capitol towards the course. Caesar speaks!

Jonah Winkler as Caesar
Lachie Clarke as Casca
Esther Randles as Calphurnia
Abdul Muhaimin as Antony
Meg Dunn as Soothsayer
Indey Salvestro as Brutus
Anthony Yangoyan ss Cassius

Act 1 Scene 2: 6.mp4

asset_#6: It was Greek to Casca. A blunt fellow. Chats recovered by DoID.

Act 2 Scene 4: 20.pdf

asset_#20: DoID covert transcript and artefact from Artemidorus' hand.

Act 3 Scene 2: 33.mp4

asset_#33: Antony speaks on the gram at Caesar's funeral on the gram. Friends, Romans, countryman lend me your ears...

Abdul Muhaimin 3rd year Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, University of Melbourne as Mark Antony

Act 5 Scene 2: 40.mp3

asset_#40: Brutus on the field of battle.

Indey Salvestro as Brutus

Music from the production

Blood on Our Hands

Lyrics by: Jason O'Leary
Music by: Liam Whittaker, Troy Rogan & Cotter Kypriotis


Music by: Liam Whittaker, Troy Rogan & Cotter Kypriotis

APP - Bottle Dash

Bottle Dash - Download on Apple App store & Google Play

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RVR Tiber Water - Pop-up shop

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