The LTRC provides services in the evaluation of language programs, including bilingual, English as a Second Language, and foreign language programs in schools, colleges and universities.

We also offer consultancies to evaluate tests and assessment systems used in educational and occupational contexts.


  • Evaluation of an English language skills test for non-English background speaking students wishing to enrol in Australian secondary schools. For: Australian Education Assessment Services, Melbourne
  • Evaluation of assessment system for diploma course leading to accelerated university entry by international students. For: Insearch, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Evaluation of locally-developed assessment tasks used to assess performance of adult learners of English against the national reporting system standards framework. For: Verification Australia
  • Evaluation of the Australian Defence Force English Language Proficiency Scale (ADFELPS). For: Australian Defence Force
  • Evaluation of the first-year examination for the Intensive Japanese Program. For: the University of Melbourne
  • Evaluations of bilingual programs in primary and secondary schools in Victoria:
    • Indonesian bilingual program – Benalla East Primary School
    • Arabic-English bilingual program – Bayside Secondary College
    • Chinese-English bilingual program – Abbotsford Primary School
    • Chinese/Vietnamese-English bilingual program – Westall Secondary College
    • Chinese-English bilingual program – Richmond West Primary School
    • Japanese bilingual program – Caulfield Primary School
  • Evaluation of three different program types in indigenous and community schools:
    • Aboriginal and Khmer language programs – Western Australia
    • Arabic program – New South Wales
    • Italian and Chinese programs – Victoria
  • Evaluation of the Bridging the Gap (BTG) literacy intervention program (for ‘at risk’ students in years 5-8). For: DEET, at 159 schools in country Victoria