Custom test development

Diagnostic English Language Assessment (DELA) for Monash University

The Language Testing Research Centre (LTRC) has worked with the Pharmacy faculty at Monash University to design a custom diagnostic writing assessment system for first year undergraduate Pharmacy students. Students are assessed using a new diagnostic writing rubric and the LTRC is currently working with the faculty to evaluate the first administration of this assessment.

Placement tests for the School of Languages and the Asia Institute

The LTRC oversees the administration and continued maintenance of the Faculty of Arts placement test battery for nine languages (French, Arabic, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Chinese and Japanese) which have been operational since the beginning of 2014. The LTRC team continues to work closely with language staff to continually improve and fine-tune the test and associated procedures. We are also making these tests available to other institutions under site license agreements.

Test development for Japanese school language assessment

LTRC is working with a company in Japan that delivers language assessments to school children at different levels of proficiency. The LTRC has entered into a consultancy agreement with the Japanese company to support them in developing new test versions.

Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS) English proficiency tests

In 2012, the LTRC worked on new versions for the Years 10-12 tests as well as developing prototype materials for the Years 4-6 test. A minor thesis on an aspect of the AEAS was also completed in 2012 under the supervision of Dr Susy Macqueen.

Health Sciences communication skills test battery

These tests assess the oral communication skills of students beginning undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the health sciences at the University of Melbourne

Past test-development projects