Stakeholder perceptions of the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE A) for skilled migrant selection

This study will examine the perceptions and actions of different stakeholders in the field of accounting in relation to the use of PTE A as part of migrant selection processes in Australia.

PTE A is one of the English tests that can be used to evidence English ability as part of Australian visa applications, including for permanent skilled migration. PTE A is accepted by all Australian universities, as well as by professional associations and state government departments.

This study examines the perceptions and actions of international accounting graduates in response to the use of PTE A as part of migrant selection processes in Australia. We investigate these stakeholders' experiences of PTE A and understandings of PTE A scores, and the ways in which these experiences and understandings influence decision making and actions to produce test consequences. Little is known about how test takers perceive current score requirements for skilled migration in Australia, nor about how their behaviours are influenced by their experiences and perceptions of tests and test scores. Study outcomes will inform engagement efforts with stakeholder groups, provide evidence of impact relevant to PTE A validity claims, and contribute to theoretical efforts in the field of language testing to better explain the complex and multifaceted effects of test use in such high stakes policy contexts.