LTRC awarded Pearson research grants

LTRC was successfully awarded two research grants from Pearson Education in late 2016. These research studies commenced in early 2017.

Th first study is exploring the nature and extent of test preparation for Pearson Test of English (Academic) and any links between test preparation activities and improved test performance. The study's findings will offer insights into the ways candidates prepare for the PTE Academic in the Australian context, where other tests (eg IELTS) have been dominant for many decades.

The second study is examining the perceptions and actions of different stakeholders in the field of accounting in relation to the use of PTE Academic as part of migrant selection processes in Australia. We are investigating different stakeholders' experiences of the PTE and understandings of PTE scores, and the ways in which these experiences and understandings influence decision making and actions to produce test consequences.

Stakeholder perceptions of PTE A for skilled migrant selection

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Test preparation practices and thier links to score gains on the Pearson PTE

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