Ready-made tests

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Academic English Screening Test (AEST) / Post-entry Assessment of Academic English (PAAL)

The online Academic English Screening Test (AEST) is designed to provide a means of identifying those students who are likely to experience difficulties in coping with the English language demands of their academic study. The test can be used as an alternative to the more time consuming DELA. The test was designed on the assumption of universal testing rather than targeting of particular categories of student. A number of Australian universities use the AEST under site licences agreements. Contact us for more information on how to gain a site licence for AEST.

Language Placement Tests

The LTRC oversees the administration and continued maintenance of the Faculty of Arts placement test battery for nine languages (French, Arabic, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Chinese and Japanese) which have been operational since the beginning of 2014. The LTRC team continues to work closely with language staff to continually improve and fine-tune the test and associated procedures.

We are also making these tests available to other institutions under site license agreements. The LTRC has been working with other universities, locally and internationaly on adapting and customising these language placement tests for their purposes, for languages including Portuguese, French, Arabic, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Chinese and Japanese. Clients interested in customisation of tests please contact us for further information.

Offline delivery

DELA: Diagnostic English Language Assessment

DELA was developed by the LTRC in the early 1990s, and has been administered by the LTRC since then. DELA is used by universities in Australia and New Zealand to assess the English proficiency (reading, writing, listening) of non-English-speaking background (NESB) students commencing university study. The diagnostic information provided by the test is used by teaching units which provide ESL support to students. Institutions can purchase a site licence to use a particular form/forms of DELA for a given period. Alternatively, the LTRC will administer and score and report results of the test on your behalf.

UTESL: University Test of ESL

UTESL, developed by the LTRC, has been used by a number of institutions in Victoria to assess the English proficiency of non-English speaking background (NESB) students applying for admission to advanced English for Academic Purpose courses. It also provides a means whereby tertiary institutions can make decisions about the amount and type of English language support an applicant is likely to need. Parallel (equated) forms of UTESL are available for purchase, with the fee varying according to the number of test takers involved. Assessor training is also available for each form.