Local Initiatives

This page will feature some of the past and present initiatives in Australia aimed at countering terrorism and radicalisation and promoting harmony and mutual understanding within the Muslim and wider community in Australia.

  • Building Identity and Resisting Radicalisation (BIRR). The BIRR Initiative is focussed on assisting at-risk Muslim youth to discover their identity in an Australian context and to enhance their capacity to build a positive Australian identity. The BIRR Initiative establishes a model for the ongoing development of whole-of-community approaches to confronting extremism and the radicalisation of young Muslim Australians. The BIRR Mentoring Program focuses on the personal development of Muslim youth and incorporates cultural activities with life skills to give participants the opportunity to become role models and mentors to other young people. Download The Way Forward: An Islamic Mentoring Guide to Identity and Resisting Radicalisation .
  • The Australian Muslim Civil Rights Advocacy Network (AMCRAN) . AMCRAN is a network of volunteers dedicated to preventing the erosion of civil rights of all Australians. AMCRAN has produced a series of booklets available in English, Arabic, Indonesian and Urdu to answer general questions to the anti-terrorism laws that have been introduced in Australia since 2001, including terrorism offences, the extended powers and functions of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP), as well as information on control orders, preventative detention, and the sedition offences. Download Anti-Terror Laws: ASIO, The Police and You .
  • Monash Radicalisation Project. This project examines how multiple factors lead individuals to become radicalised and conduct terrorist acts, with the aim to facilitate better counter-terrorism policy-making and practice by generating insights into the unique processes of radicalisation in Australia and indentifying potential counter-measures. This research is conducted through the Global Terrorism Research Centre (GTREC) at Monash University. Watch a presentation delivered by Professor Tore Bjørgo on Strategies for Preventing Terrorism delivered on 31 July 2013, hosted by GTREC.

Resources & Publications

  • The Point Magazine is a community-based and youth-focused online publication aimed at engaging and informing readers across a range of news and current affairs, including local and international politics, religion, society and culture, and technology.
  • ISIS: Origins, Ideology, and Responses by Mainstream Muslim Scholars is a document prepared by a research group based at the NCEIS to help Australian Muslims, in particular, understand what ISIS is, how it emerged, its ideological basis, and how mainstream Muslim scholars are responding to ISIS.
  • Islamic Teachings on Contemporary Issues for Young Muslims is an educational resource which guides young people of Muslim faith through some of the most complex and challenging issues that they will be exposed to.

Community Engagement

  • Watch an ABC News piece on 'Darwin's Muslim community reaches out to foster greater understanding of Islam' (June 2013) - Muslim leaders in the Northern Territory have condemned the killing of a soldier in London, and Darwin Mosque has opened its doors so that the wider community can learn about Islam in order to promote mutual understanding.
  • Watch Chief Commissioner Ken Lay with Sheikh Abdul Azim, President of the Australian National Imams Council and Sheikh Issa Musse, from the Werribee Islamic Centre address the media to promote community harmony, social cohesion and unity during this complex and challenging time (September, 2014).