Workshop nine highlights

3rd March, 2015

The ninth workshop of the National Imams Consultative Forum (NICF) was held on 3rd March, 2015 in Melbourne. A total of 11 imams attended from around Australia.

This was the final imam's workshop for the financial year and took place just before the closed group nationwide forums which are scheduled to run during mid-March to early April, 2015. The purpose of the one day workshop was to go over the revised statements from the December workshop and further discuss in to order finalise the development of the resource document.

The imams were presented with the 55 statements which were both in English and in Arabic. The revised statements were shared with all members of the NICF and feedback was encouraged. A number of imams had expressed their opinions via email and all comments were reviewed on the day. The group finalised all 55 statements with minor changes. There was unanimous agreement that the statements be launched at the upcoming Victorian Imam's Consultative Forum scheduled in May, 2015.