2016 Arts Graduate Coursework Colloquium

2016 Arts Graduate Coursework Colloquium

The Graduate Coursework Colloquium is designed to showcase the work and interests of graduate students in the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Melbourne School of Government.

The next Coursework Colloquium will happen on Saturday 9 April 2016.

This free event brings students together from across the Faculty's 18 graduate programs for a day of collaboration and inspiration. Showcase your work (or any aspect of your experience), make friends, and learn from each other.

You'll also get to hear from featured Alumni speakers during the keynote panel discussion.

The theme for the 2016 Colloquium is Create - Relate - Experience.

Visit the 2016 Arts Graduate Coursework Colloquium Expression of Interest web page to find out more and get involved!

Submissions close Monday 29 February 2016.