A message from the Dean of Arts

Once again it is my very great pleasure to bring you the latest news and events from the Faculty of Arts.

2015 marks the 25 year anniversary of art curatorship at the University of Melbourne. In celebration of this momentous occasion, a key thread running through this edition is the celebration of the Faculty's strength in the field of art curatorship and art history. From conferences and symposia, to key international research projects and linkages, the Faculty is proud to share with you news about our connections with arts institutions, organisations and individuals across the globe.

As always, representatives from the Faculty of Arts are engaging with and shaping cultural life both locally and abroad. Learn about the 2015 Venice Biennale and the history of biennales with art critic and scholar Professor Charles Green and share the experiences of emerging curators and alumnae Pippa Milne and Philippa Brumby from their time in Venice earlier this year. Closer to home, gain an insight into the Australian art scene through interviews with Kirsty Grant, Director and CEO of Heide Museum of Modern Art, and Nicholas Thompson, owner of the new Nicholas Thompson Gallery, and join us in welcoming Dr Claire Roberts, ARC Future Fellow, to the Faculty.

We were pleased to announce Professor Anne Dunlop as the new Herald Chair in Fine Arts. Professor Dunlop is the fourth in a distinguished line of Herald Chairs, a position which was established largely due to the philanthropy of Sir Keith Murdoch. The Chair is located in the Faculty of Arts' School of Culture and Communications. Professor Dunlop will join the University in October, following previous academic posts at Yale and Concordia Universities.

In May we held our annual Faculty of Arts Awards Ceremony, highlighting a selection of the Faculty's 150 prizes and scholarships and recognising the top performing students named to the Dean's Honours List for 2014. The achievements of our talented alumni were also celebrated at this event, with five Faculty Alumni Awards presented. The Faculty's Rising Star Award for Young Alumni recognised the achievements of Ms Stephanie Cousins and Mr Thomas Woodroofe, esteemed alumnus Mr Michael Bartlett was honoured for his outstanding contribution to the Faculty and University, Ms Erika Feller, Assistant High Commissioner of the UNHCR, was recognised with the Arts Alumni Leadership award for her exemplary leadership in the field of humanitarianism, and Professor Peter Singer AC, received the prestigious Faculty of Arts Lifetime Achievement Award. The Faculty of Arts congratulates all recipients on their achievements. Read on to learn more about our Alumni Award winners.

The Faculty also sincerely congratulates our alumni and staff (former and current) who received a Queen's Birthday Honour in 2015, in recognition for their outstanding work in many fields.

  • The Hon Justice Christopher M Maxwell AC - Bachelor of Laws (1984), Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours)(1975) for eminent service to the law and to the judiciary, particularly administrative reform of the appeals process, through contributions to legal education and professional development, and as a leading supporter of human rights and civil liberties.
  • Emeritus Professor Terence R Carney AO - Bachelor of Laws with Honours (1971), Graduate Diploma in Arts (Criminology)(1971) for distinguished service to higher education as an academic, researcher and author, to the law and social welfare, and through leadership roles with national and international legal organisations.
  • Mrs Kirsty A Sword Gusmao AO - Graduate Diploma in Education (1988), Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours) (1988) for distinguished service to Australia-Timor-Leste relations through the development of mutual cooperation and understanding, particularly in the education sector, and as an advocate for improved health and living conditions for the Timorese people.
  • Emeritus Professor Philippa Pattison AO - Doctor of Philosophy (1980) for distinguished service to higher education, particularly through contributions to the study of social network modelling, analysis and theory, and to university leadership and administration.
  • Ms Margot E Foster AM - Bachelor of Laws (1981), Bachelor of Arts (1981) for significant service to sports administration and governance at the state and national level, as an elite athlete, and through support for women in sport.
  • Mr Julian R Gardner AM - Bachelor of Laws (1968), Bachelor of Arts (1967) for significant service to the community through leadership roles with social welfare, mental health, legal aid and other legal organisations.
  • Ms Jane Miller AM - Master of Social Work (1999), Bachelor of Arts (1964), Graduate Diploma in Social Studies (1964) for significant service to the community through social welfare organisations that support children and young people.
  • Associate Professor Robyn J Sloggett AM - Doctor of Philosophy (2010), Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours)(1979) for significant service to the arts in the field of cultural heritage management and preservation as an academic, conservator and adviser.
  • Ms Helen L Smith AM - Graduate Diploma in Education (1983), Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours)(1975) for significant service to fencing as an Olympic athlete, coach and mentor, and through a range of leadership and administrative roles.
  • Ms Janet M Whiting AM - Bachelor of Laws (1983), Bachelor of Arts (1983) for significant service to the community through contributions to the arts, health and major events sectors, and as a legal professional.
  • The Rev Dr Harold G Cummins OAM - Graduate Diploma in Education (1965), Bachelor of Arts (1964) for service to the community of Nundle through a range of organisations.
  • Mr Graeme A Johnson OAM - Bachelor of Laws with Honours (1973), Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours)(1971) for service to the community through charitable groups.
  • Mr Gregory J Levine OAM - Graduate Diploma in Arts (Criminology)(1993), Bachelor of Laws (1969) for service to the law and the judiciary, to children, and to professional legal organisations.
  • Dr Valerie M Tarrant OAM - Master of Education (1986), Graduate Diploma in Education (1952), Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours)(1951) for service to conservation and the environment, and to community history.
  • Dr Susan Q White OAM - Master of Science (1985), Bachelor of Science (1977), Graduate Diploma in Education (1977), Bachelor of Arts (1965) for service to science, particularly to speleology, and to youth.
  • Mr Alan G Hall PSM - Bachelor of Arts (Degree with Honours)(1978) for outstanding public service to disadvantaged Victorians, particularly through service delivery and support.
  • Ms Photini Kallifidas PSM - Graduate Diploma of Arts (1999) for outstanding public service to victims of serious crime through support roles, and through the provision of expert guidance to Victoria police.

I hope you enjoy this edition and I look forward to bringing you more news from the Faculty Arts in August.