Arts West Opens For Semester Two

The beginning of Semester has bought with it an exciting new era for both the Faculty and humanities education at the University with the opening of the Arts West building to students and staff.

Photo credit: John Gollings

The long-awaited teaching and learning space, set to revolutionise the way the Bachelor of Arts is both taught and experienced, was met with immediate acclaim from the students it was designed for, instigating a flurry of activity across social media. A competition designed to assist in generating buzz amongst students, staff and the general public has been a resounding success with users enthusiastically posting images of both the images on the fa├žade, as well as the Instagram-ready building interiors. Images across both Instagram and Twitter can be viewed at the dedicated Arts West website, which includes detailed information about the five-star energy-rated building. Traditional media has also written about the building - read the article on the Herald Sun website.

Arts West was officially opened on Thursday, August 25.