Graduate Ambassador Program flourishes

The Graduate Ambassador Program in the Faculty of Arts provides the opportunity for student leaders to play an integral role in developing a strong graduate student community. Masters by Coursework students elected to the Graduate Ambassador team serve a period of 12 months, during which time they share their advice and experiences with prospective students and provide leadership and mentoring to both prospective and current students.

The Graduate Ambassador program develops the professional leadership and communication skills of our students through the act of representing the school at a range of public events and a number of networking opportunities.

Over the summer break, our Graduate Ambassadors have been busy organising two new student events for the 2015 calendar.

Internships Q&A and Networking Event – 19 March

Graduate students in the Faculty of Arts have access to a number of internship and professional development opportunities with leading organisations nationally and internationally, giving them the opportunity to apply their skills in a vocational context, build their professional networks and gain deeper insights into their chosen career.

The Internship process, though one of the most rewarding aspects of our graduate programs, also raises many questions and uncertainty about what is expected from our students. As such, the Graduate Ambassadors will run an Internships Q&A and Networking event, a student-led initiative giving graduate students the opportunity to gain advice from previous student interns and the opportunity to discuss the process from start to finish and gain invaluable first-hand advice from their fellow students.

Speakers representing a broad range of areas from public policy, management, social sciences, arts and culture, to, festivals, media and journalism will share their advice about the internship process, their own experiences, common challenges and key advice for nailing those interviews and gaining industry experience – a crucial link* between graduate study and the workforce.

Graduate Coursework Colloquium – 11 April

The inaugural Graduate Coursework Colloquium invites graduate coursework students to present on any topic relevant to their program of study. The aim of the Coursework Colloquium is to showcase the whole range of students and fields of study across the Faculty of Arts' Graduate Schools. The Colloquium provides a wonderful opportunity for graduate students to gain experience presenting to their peers, bringing together the student cohort to learn from each other and enjoy the vibrant scholarly community that exists across the different programs.

Masters by Coursework students are invited to present on any topic relevant to their field of study. It could be a research presentation about a minor thesis, presentation of an internship report, or even a live performance or display of creative work.

The Graduate Coursework Colloquium will bring students from across the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Melbourne School of Government together to celebrate their learning and share their new found knowledge. We can't wait to participate!

* If you or your organisation are interested in providing internship opportunities to students in the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences or Melbourne School of Government, please contact Fiona Abud, Manager of External Relations.