Graduate Degree Packages and new scholarships announced

The University is delighted to announce additions to the Melbourne offering which will provide more certainty and create new opportunities for students.

Graduate Degree Packages

From 2019, high-achieving students who have a firm idea about their career direction and who obtain the required ATAR will be able to enrol upfront for both their bachelors and graduate degrees. Graduate Degree Packages will be offered for a curated set of popular undergraduate and graduate combinations, including Science/Engineering, Design/Architecture, Commerce/Law, Biomedicine/Physiotherapy and Arts/Education. In some cases, students will be guaranteed a place in their graduate degree if they pass their undergraduate degree; in other cases, there will be further hurdle requirements, such as a minimum WAM.

Please note: These packages will be available to students commencing their undergraduate study from 2019 onwards and will appear in the forthcoming VTAC guide.

To increase access to our courses and attract additional talented, capable and diverse students, we are also pleased to launch the following new scholarships:

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