'Hard Truths' Writing Competition

Winning entry to be published in The New York Times!

A television sitting in front of a concrete wall

As part of The New York Times' Hard Truths exhibition currently on display in the Arts West building, we're hosting a writing competition for current students at the University of Melbourne.

The writing competition gives you the chance to submit a 500-word opinion piece responding to the question:

'What has your life experience and the experience of those around you taught you about global migration? What needs to change?'

The winner will have their entry published in The New York Times Australia Letter newsletter and on the New York Times website, and receive a voucher valued at $500. The two runners up will each receive a voucher valued at $250.

The Selection Committee will consist of senior academics from the Faculty of Arts and journalists from The New York Times.

The results will be announced in the Australia Letter newsletter following the closing of the exhibition on Friday 11 October.

To enter the competition, submit your entry on the Hard Truths Writing Competition website.