Master the Modern Languages

Do you have a keen interest in language? Perhaps you have considered studying linguistics in the past, but couldn't quite find the specialisation you were after. Well, the wait is over…

The Faculty of Arts is thrilled to announce that the Master of Applied Linguistics now has a Modern Languages stream. Designed for language aficionados, teachers of language, and for people who just love foreign language and culture, this is the perfect program if you would like to develop your language skills and extend your knowledge of culture.

The program includes a range of subjects that focus specifically on developing language skills and cultural competency in modern languages at the graduate level. Languages include French, German, Italian, Spanish, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic!

Languages can be studied at beginners, intermediate or advanced levels, with a placement test taken prior to commencement to ensure you will receive the appropriate level of instruction.

This exciting new addition to an innovative program welcomes professionals working with modern languages in education, translating, trade relations, diplomacy, the public service, international public relations and related areas.

Applications are now open for February 2015 intake, so enquire now about this exciting opportunity to study Modern Languages, whether you plan to refresh or extending your an existing language, or pick up a new language altogether! Visit the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences website for more information.