Naomi discovers her niche in Melbourne

Naomi Wong began her Master of Marketing Communications at The University of Melbourne after initially studying Science. Being passionate about startups, Naomi shared her experience in Melbourne with us so far.

What made you decide to study a Masters in Marketing Communications?

I did my undergraduate degree at The University of Melbourne in Science, so my Masters was a bit of a change of direction. I was doing a science internship working in the field of Alzheimer’s. It was really interesting, but I realised my strength wasn’t so much in the research but in pitching the research proposals! I enjoyed doing it and I was quite good at it.

I didn’t want to waste any time – I decided to switch straight away and applied for the Master of Marketing Communications.

What do you love about your course?

I love all the creative aspects of it, and I love how much real-life engagement we get to do. Marketing Comms is really about understanding the psychology behind marketing.

Why Melbourne?

After I finished high-school in Malaysia I did my Cambridge A Levels. I had initially planned to study in the UK but when I went there to check it out, it just felt so far from home. Australia is closer and I have relatives here so I decided Melbourne was a better fit.

I had my eyes on the rankings, and of course The University of Melbourne has really good rankings. Another factor was the diversity of the city. If you miss Malaysian food, it’s easy to get it here and it’s pretty good as well.

If you want to go for Malaysian lunch near the campus, Nasi Lemak House in Carlton is really good!

Tell us about some extra-curricular activities and opportunities you have undertaken.

When I got accepted into the Master of Marketing Communications, I realised I had to do something to improve myself in terms of talking and thinking like a Marketing Communicator. I started to volunteer at the Salvation Army, and also attended all of the networking events that the University runs. Another thing I did to grow my network was become involved with the Malaysian student society.

I’m currently working for G*STEP, which is a Melbourne initiative for setting up startups in Victoria, with a few really good interns. Melbourne is becoming a hub for entrepreneurs.

I’m also doing an internship for Braathe Enterprise which aids startups with their marketing communications problems in both digital and traditional media, and provide consultancy services to them as well.

Oh, and I also do some proof reading work for Farrago – The University of Melbourne’s student publication!

Is there a project you are working which you are excited about?

EntrepreHer, which is an event aimed at high school girls in regional and rural areas to show they can be entrepreneurs and start their own businesses. It aims to provide two days of entrepreneur workshops for high school girls to teach them that they can do anything, and be their own boss. We aim to get 1000 girls involved. It’s a really great cause.

Any tips for prospective students?

It’s all about applying yourself. I use my personal social media channels as a platform for practicing the new techniques and skills I’ve learned in class.

What's your dream career?

I would really would like to work for a start-up, because they always need marketing communicators. That’s one of my main options. Another option would be to work in advertising.

I hope when I finish to be able to work in Australia. It’s quite a different working in a Western culture. I think Australia is a pretty open, creative and accepting place to work. There are lots of great opportunities here.

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