NGV Careers Event offers insider perspective of the Arts sector

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is Australia's oldest public art gallery and one of its most important cultural institutions. As part of the University of Melbourne's Learning Partnership with the NGV for 'Italian Masterpieces – From Spain's Royal Court, Museo del Prado', the Faculty of Arts collaborated with the NGV to present a number of successful events.

Most recently, current students and alumni of the university were offered the opportunity to attend the 'NGV Careers Event', showcasing the diversity of career opportunities at the NGV and demonstrating the impact of University of Melbourne alumni already working at the Gallery, as well as the diversity of their fields of expertise.

Panellists included;

  • Romina Calabro, Head of Corporate Partnerships (Law)
  • Gabriella Coslovich, Editor, Gallery Magazine (Education)
  • Ted Gott, Senior Curator, International Art (Arts)
  • Simon Maidment, Curator, Contemporary Art (VCA & MCM)
  • Biheng Zhang, Research and Grants Officer (Arts)

The atmosphere on the night was alive with potential, as the panellists shared their stories and advice for working in the arts and cultural sectors, as well as anecdotes and reflections on their journey's from student at the University of Melbourne to employee at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Some feedback from enthusiastic attendees included;

"It was inspirational and exciting to hear the personal career journeys of these professionals. Thank you so much!"

"The presenters were all very interesting and engaging and it was great to hear their stories"

 "The speakers gave a fantastic overview of how their career path led to their current position at the NGV, in a way that I could understand the elements of study/experience etc that were necessary for an NGV role."

Following the success of the event , panellists Ted Gott, Romina Calabro and event Chair and University Vice-Principle of Engagement, Adrian Collette were interviewed by The Voice, explaining 'Why cultural partnerships are win-win' for the University, its students, and the broader public. Read the article.

In addition to this inspiring and educational event, the Faculty of Arts also presented its Melbourne Masterclasses: Italian Masterpieces series at the Gallery, to much acclaim. Hosted by Maxine McKew, Vice Chancellor's Fellow at the University of Melbourne, each of the four Masterclasses examined a different aspect of the culture, music, science, politics and philosophy of the eras associated with the Italian masterpieces. The events were presented by some of the University's finest scholars and the NGV's most senior experts, including Professor Glyn Davis, Vice-Chancellor of the University, Tony Ellwood, Director of the NGV and Dr Ted Gott,Senior Curator of International Art at the NGV.

View the Melbourne Masterclasses program.