Your guide to getting the most out of Orientation 2019

By The Melbourne Arts Student Society committee

Hello and a huge welcome to both new and returning students of the Bachelor of Arts 2019! We hope your summer break has been revitalising and you are feeling excited to begin/continue your Arts journey.

So you’ve enrolled in your classes and are hopefully feeling ready to tackle the year ahead. For many of you, particularly those about to begin the university journey, this time period can be a bit nervy. Everybody wants to enjoy themselves at university, but achieving this can sometimes be difficult.

Is it possible to make friends at university before classes even start? Can I go to events and have fun even if I come alone? What events are even on in Orientation Week?? These questions can be answered with the help of our friends over at the Melbourne Arts Students Society (M-ASS)!

Your guide to getting the most out of Orientation 2019

Members of the Melbourne Arts Students Society (M-ASS), the largest faculty club on campus.

The Melbourne Arts Students Society is a social and educational club, welcoming members from all degrees. Whether you’re a total party animal or an utter introvert, M-ASS’s O-Week events provide something for everyone.

This year, we’ve narrowed down three unmissable events for you to watch out for. Keep reading below to find out how to maximise your Orientation Week and kick start your year at university!

Unmissable event #1: Arts Camp

Run by M-ASS, this (first-year only) O-Week camp will take place on the 1-3 March within a beautiful, secluded campsite. Imagine being surrounded by 198 campers, playing games, enjoying themed parties and soaking up the sunshine. Not only are you guaranteed to walk away with new friends and incredible memories, you will feel confident strutting into your first classes having already established yourself at uni. While this can seem daunting at first, especially if you’re coming alone, it is the easiest way to meet people. Tickets are on sale via the M-ASS Facebook page, but be quick – they are nearly sold out!

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Unmissable event #2: Bachelor of Arts Welcome Festival

Run by M-ASS alongside the Faculty of Arts, the BA Orientation Welcome Festival on 19 February is the official welcome event for Arts students. Not only can you come down and have a chat with your fellow BA students, you can find information on overseas studies, internships, volunteering opportunities, support services and more. Whether you need advice or are just looking for a friendly chat, we’re here to help! Oh, and did I mention there’s a free lunch?

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Unmissable event #3, M-ASS O-Week BBQ

Free food, friends and fun. Need I say more? This BBQ on 26 February promises to be a huge affair, with hundreds of students coming for a bite to eat. If you are unsure about Arts Camp, attending this BBQ is essential! You can suss out the awesome M-ASS team and incoming students like yourself, completely free of charge and with no strings attached. It really is a win-win situation.

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Good luck with your O-Week endeavours, and we hope you have a fantastic year! Remember: you only get out what you put in, so why not throw yourself in the deep end and take a chance? What’s the worst that could happen? 😀

Visit the Orientation 2019 website to find out more about what’s happening in O-Week

Your guide to getting the most out of Orientation 2019