The Initiative for Peacebuilding at the University of Melbourne is encouraging multidisciplinary research, teaching, policy development, and engagement in the fields of conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

One of the essential conditions for global security and wellbeing is achievement of relative peace. Peace is pursued through the prevention and transformation of violent conflicts and the conditions that give rise to these, and support for the attitudes, institutions and structures that can sustain peaceful societies.

There is great value in widening the range of official and non-official multi-level mechanisms available for dialogue, problem-solving and sustained peacebuilding efforts.

Together with the University of Melbourne, The Initiative for Peacebuilding is working to establish a Centre for Peacebuilding in the Faculty of Arts.

The proposed Centre for Peacebuilding will provide Australia with a nationally based, regionally grounded, high-quality, professional non-government peace centre. The Centre’s mission is to promote multidisciplinary research, teaching, policy development to support effective engagement in conflict prevention and peacebuilding in the Indo-Pacific region.

Peacebuilding Initiative Launch

On the 21st April 2021 the Initiative for Peacebuilding was launched with messages from the Vice Chancellor and the Deputy Secretary, DFAT along with Professor Langmore and Dr Miletic, from the Initiative. The launch was part of a Peace Symposium the university co-hosted with Rotary in Australia and New Zealand titled “The Future of Peace Leadership".

The Centre for Peacebuilding

The Centre for Peacebuilding’s approach to developing activities is guided by the principles of empirically-demand-driven support to peacebuilding that help analyse and address underlying causes of the conflict and support enhanced peacebuilding efforts to those best placed to engage.

The Centre's purpose is to deepen understanding about complex conflict issues and build important relationships with local actors in Asian and Pacific countries who are leading peacebuilding efforts in our region. The Initiative for Peacebuilding seeks to offer rigorous research into the causes of conflict, capacity to organise and strengthen dialogue amongst a range of actors and stakeholders, to think imaginatively about means for prevention of violent conflict and peacebuilding, through substantially enhancing availability of expert scholarship and experienced peacebuilding practitioners.


Professor John Langmore
Chair, Steering Committee, Initiative for Peacebuilding
T: +61 419 897 489
E: langmore@unimelb.edu.au

Dr Tania Miletic
Assistant Director
Initiative for Peacebuilding
T: +61 437 272 287
E: tmiletic@unimelb.edu.au

Banner image: Bougainville, Credit: Sari Sutton