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RUIL Research Newsletter December 2018

Welcome to the latest newsletter of the Research Unit for Indigenous Language. This newsletter is published thrice yearly and contains details of the research activities, latest news and other achievements of the Research Unit.

A Time for Firsts: Murrinhpatha Seminar and Snow Days

In september Nguvudirr Jeremiah Tunmuck, funded by a RUIL Indigenous Scholar grant, visited The University of Melbourne to work with DECRA postdoctoral fellow John Mansfield. Nguvudirr is a Magati Ke man from Yederr, a fluent speaker of Murrinhpatha, and a skilled translator of... Continue reading...

Strengthening Language, Strengthening Community: Showcasing Mildura's Aboriginal Languages

The Strengthening Language project is a collaboration with the Aboriginal community of Mildura to share and discover more about the traditional languages of the Mildura region. In November, the team got together again in Mildura to continue work on... Continue reading...

A Trip to Tahiti

Janet Fletcher and Nick Thieberger were part of a team that worked with colleagues in Tahiti at the University of French Polynesia on support for Pacific languages. Most of the seven languages of the French Polynesia archipelago are severely... Continue reading...

RUIL Research Newsletter December 2018