Newsletter July 2015

Welcome to the fourth newsletter of the Research Unit for Indigenous Language. This newsletter is published twice-yearly and contains details of the research activities, latest news and other achievements of the Research Unit.

Fieldwork: Documenting Sugarbag (Honeybee) Knowledge in Maningrida

Over three fieldtrips lasting around six months (2014-15), Aung Si has been working with speakers of Kune, Rembarrnga, Djinang, Burarra and Ndjebbana to document the various names for sugarbag or bush honey in these languages. An exciting challenge is to try and figure out what criteria the speakers of these languages use to identify the different sugarbag types - the bees look very similar, so that doesn't help! Dr Anne Dollin, a honeybee taxonomist based in Sydney, has been identifying the samples collected by Aung Si in and around Maningrida. Charlie Brian, traditional owner of Buluhkaduru outstation, is an expert sugarbag finder, and has played a leading role in locating and naming all the different types. Continue reading...

Visiting Indigenous Linguists

Indigenous linguists Janet Mardbinda and Rachel Meiyinbara visit The University of Melbourne from Warruwi Community

In March, Janet Marbinda and Rachel Meiyinbara visited The University of Melbourne to work with Research Fellow Ruth Singer. The visit was supported by the RUIL Indigenous Researcher Small Grant Scheme. The six-day visit was actionpacked and included training, research and a bit of sightseeing. It was Janet's first visit to Melbourne and Rachel's second visit, the earlier one being in 1984. Continue reading...

RUIL Research Newsletter July 2015