Research Unit for Indigenous Language graduates

Brighde Collins

Brighde completed her MA with RUIL in 2015, with a thesis entitled 'Ngandi aspectual expression: past and present'. This thesis was based on a language, Ngandi, from Arnhem Land, Northern Territory (Australia). Brighde is the former Project Officer for RUIL and is now working in a remote Queensland community teaching Aboriginal languages. Her interests include the documentation and revitalisation of Australian Indigenous languages, specifically with respect to involving and empowering community members in the process of working on their own languages.

Bill Forshaw

Bill completed his Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) with RUIL in 2016. His thesis Little kids, big verbs: The acquisition of Murrinhpatha bipartite stem verbs provided an account of children's acquisition of bipartite verb structures in Murrinhpatha, an Australian language of the Northern Territory. This research included assisting in the collection of a longitudinal corpus of Murrinhpatha children's speech as part of the Language acquisition of Murrinhpatha (LAMP) project. Since completing his study Bill has been employed as a linguist at OLSH Thamarrurr Catholic College in Wadeye, a bilingual school with bi-literacy instruction in Murrinhpatha and English.

Aidan Wilson

His research interests include morphology and syntax, lexicography and dictionaries, digital humanities, as well as the use of technology in field linguistics. Aidan works as an archivist with the Pacific and Regional Archive of Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC), where he has been a member of the team since 2005.

He recently completed his MA in RUIL with the thesis title Tiwi Revisited: A reanalysis of Traditional Tiwi verb morphology.