Raising children in more than one language

RUMACCC regularly conducts a free workshop for families raising their children bi- or trilingually and for early childhood and pre-school workers, teachers and others interested in bilingual education.

The Research Unit for Multilingualism and Cross-Cultural Communication (RUMACCC) conducts regular workshops for families raising their children bi- or trilingually and for interested professionals. We have been able to offer these workshops free of charge due to the support of Community Languages Australia, the Ethnic Schools Association of Victoria and the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

The next seminar will take place in 2021 (no seminar in 2020 due to Covid-19). Further details will be published here as they become available.

The workshops include presentations from Dr Susanne Döpke and Professor John Hajek as well as other presenters, most of whom have successfully raised their own children to be bilingual.

Seminar topics include:

  • Issues in raising children bilingually
  • Recognising the child's own needs in the language
  • Practical suggestions for helping your child learn your language
  • Maximising the advantages from school programs, grandparents, overseas visits and the community
  • Using the internet and digital media in working with children

The seminars have been very popular and well received. Our most recent workshop in November 2019 attracted over 300 parents, grandparents and caregivers interested in raising their children with more than one language. We are happy to make available some of the materials of these seminars:

This public event is supported by the Victorian government.

For more information about languages education in Victoria please visit the Victorian Department of Education and Training website.

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