Recent books authored or edited by RUMACCC researchers and associates.


Rubino, Antonia, Tamponi, Anna Rita and Hajek, John (eds.). L’italiano in Australia: prospettive e tendenze nell’insegnamento della lingua e della cultura. Italian in Australia: Perspectives and trends in the teaching of language and culture. Florence: Franco Cesati, 2021.

Wide, Camilla, Norrby, Catrin and Oakes, Leigh (eds.). Sociolinguistica Vol. 35: Neue Perspektiven auf Plurizentrizität. New perspectives on pluricentricity. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2021.


Norrby, Catrin and Håkansson, Gisela. Samtal om svenska. Förhandling, positionering och känslosvall [Talk about Swedish. Negotiation, positioning and emotional outbursts]. Stockholm: Morfem Förlag, 2018.

Challenging the Monolingual Mindset


Hajek, John and Slaughter, Yvette (eds.,). Challenging the Monolingual Mindset. Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2015.

This volume challenges the monolingual mindset by highlighting how language-related issues surround us in many different ways, and explores the tensions that can develop in managing and understanding multilingualism. The book features analysis and discussion on the use of languages across a range of contexts, including post-migration settlement, policy, education, language contact and intercultural communication.

Address Practice as Social Action: European Perspectives

Muhr, Rudolf, Marley, Dawn, Kretzenbacher, Heinz L. and Bissoonauth, Anu (eds.,). Pluricentric Languages: New Perspectives in Theory and Description. Vienna: Peter Lang, 2015.

Norrby, Catrin and Wide, Camilla (eds.,). Address Practice as Social Action: European Perspectives. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.

How we address one another says a great deal about our social relationships and which groups in society we belong to. This edited volume examines address choices in a range of everyday interactions taking place in Dutch, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Italian and the two national varieties of Swedish, Finland Swedish and Sweden Swedish.

Travis, Catherine, Hajek, John, Nettelbeck, Colin, Beckmann, Elizabeth and Lloyd-Smith, Anya (eds.,). Practices and Policies. Current Research in Languages and Cultures Education. Selected Proceedings of the Second National LCNAU Colloquium, Canberra 3-5 July 2013. Melbourne: Languages and Cultures Network for Australian Universities, 2015.


Flyman Mattsson, Anna. and Norrby, Catrin. Multilingual Perspectives on Language Learning and Language Use. Lund: Lund Working Papers in Linguistics, Lund University. 2013.

Hajek, John, Nettelbeck, Colin and Woods, Anya. Leadership for Future Generations: a National Network for University Languages (6.8Mb pdf). Melbourne: LCNAU and Office for Learning and Teaching, 2013.


Hajek, John, Nettelbeck, Colin and Woods, Anya (eds.,). The Next Step. Introducing the Languages and Cultures Network for Australian Universities. Selected Proceedings of the Inaugural LCNAU Colloquium Melbourne, 26-28 September 2011. Melbourne: Languages and Cultures Network for Australian Universities, 2012.

Muhr, Rudolf, Norrby, Catrin, Kretzenbacher, Heinz L. and Amorós Negre, Carla (eds.,). Non-Dominant Varieties of Pluricentric Languages: Getting the Picture. In memory of Michael Clyne. Vienna: Peter Lang, 2012.

Uniformity and Diversity in Language Policy


Norrby, Catrin and Hajek, John (eds.,). Uniformity and Diversity in Language Policy. Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2011.

Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2011.

This book brings together current research by leading international scholars on the often contentious nature of language policies and their practical outcomes in North America, Australia and Europe. It presents a range of perspectives from which to engage with a variety of pressing issues raised by multilingualism, multiculturalism, immigration, exclusion, and identity. A recurrent theme is that of tension and conflict: between uniformity and diversity, between official policies and real day-to-day life experiences, but also between policies in schools and the corporate world and their implementation.