Make your own

These readers show parents and educators how easy it is to prepare enjoyable reading materials - starting with pencil and paper or photographs, and then with a little help from the computer.

Oma Online readers

The readers by Oma Online (Brigitte Lambert) are available in Arabic, English, German, Italian, Spanish and without text, so that you can translate them into your language or write your own story.

  My dog Winnie’s brother
Arabic كلبتي - My dog (3.7Mb pdf) شقیق ویني - Winnie’s brother (3.6Mb pdf)
English My dog English (2.47Mb pdf) Winnie’s brother English (3.18Mb pdf)
German Mein Hund (2.46Mb pdf) Winnies Bruder (3.18Mb pdf)
Italian Il mio cane (2.46Mb pdf) Il fratello di Winnie (3.33Mb pdf)
Malay Anjing saya (1.4Mb pdf) Adek Winnie (1Mb pdf)
Spanish Mi perra (4.2Mb pdf) El hermano de Winnie (3.5Mb pdf)
Without text My dog without text (2.36Mb pdf) Winnie’s brother without text (3.08Mb pdf)

‘How many animals’ and ‘Starfish’

We compiled these two readers using Clipart illustrations available for free from the Internet (for example from

  How many animals?Starfish
Arabic كم عدد الحيوانات؟ - How many animals? (0.74Mb pdf) ماذا يفعل نجم البحر؟ - Starfish (0.53Mb pdf)
Baikenu Pantemakassar Mu’itini faukan? (0.74Mb pdf) Fku-tasi nmoe sa’an? (0.6Mb pdf)
English How many animals? (0.78Mb pdf) What is the starfish doing? (0.6Mb pdf)
Galolen Animál ihila? (0.74Mb pdf) Sarmetin nuna la? (0.6Mb pdf)
Polish Ile zwierząt? (0.69Mb pdf) Co robi rozgwiazda? (0.4Mb pdf)
Telugu ఎన్ని జంతువులు? - How many animals? (0.8Mb pdf) స్టార్్‌ఫిష్్ఏం్‌చేస్తంది? - Starfish (0.4Mb pdf)