Readers in Moro

Moro (also known as Nuba Moro) is a Heibanic language within the Niger-Congo language family. It is an endangered language, spoken by approximately 30,000 people in the Nuba Hills region of Sudan.

Please note that the Level 2 and 3 readers are pre-paginated for hardcopy booklet printing.

Look at me (Sacu ñe) 1 b and w (610kb pdf)
colour (960kb pdf)
This is a house (Era ŋigi) 1 b and w (650kb pdf)
colour (1.4Mb pdf)
Cow with one horn (Dia Rerṯo Đǝl nenda Đonto) 2 colour (4.9Mb pdf)
Goat, dog and cow (Rǝldo, Ŋina na Di) 3 colour (4.4Mb pdf)
Hyena and tortoise (Ŋwëlia na Ođǝɽal) 3 colour (1.1Mb pdf)