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Irish (sometimes also called Gaelic) is a Celtic language from Ireland. It is the national and first official language of the Republic of Ireland and is officially recognised in Northern Ireland.

Irish was the principal language of most Irish people until the late 18th century. Today it is still used as a primary language in rural and remote areas of western Ireland and it is taught in all public schools of the Republic. According to the Irish census of 2016 about 1.76 million people (39.8%) claim to be able to speak Irish and about 73,800 speak the language every day.

In Australia, 2.39 million people claim Irish ancestry, but only 1,946 indicate that they speak Irish at home (2016 census).

Level 1

TitleLanguage Black and white edition Colour edition
After school (I nDiaiḋ an Lae Scoile)Irishb and w (0.9Mb pdf)colour (1.7Mb pdf)
 Irish and Englishb and w (0.9Mb pdf)colour (1.7Mb pdf)
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