Art, AI and Everything Else: Webinar with Art Center Nabi

In celebration of two decades of practice Art Center Nabi in South Korea will host a series of web-based seminars over 3-5 December 2020.

art centre nabi

For over two decades, Art Center Nabi has been committed to exploring the role of the arts and new technologies to gain new insight in human possibilities and addressing social problems. Nabi has invited artists to develop projects that use technology to overcome social divisions, counter to racial violence, debunk stereotypes, as well as nurture emotional connectedness, cultural engagement, political participation. In general, it has promoted the role of the arts in enhancing social solidarity and operated on the assumption that it can improve the quality of life. More information...

To RSVP, please apply through this link:

When: 3-5 Dec 2020 (please note that KST is two hours behind AEDT)

Where: via webinar

Presenters: Professor Nikos Papastergiadis, University of Melbourne (3 Dec); Prof Sean Cubitt, University of Melbourne (3 Dec); Prof Scott McQuire, University of Melbourne (5 Dec)


[Day 1] Art, Technology and the Cosmos
[Day 2] The Poverty of Philosophy after AI[Day 3] Humanizing the Machine/Mechanizing the Human