Finding Friendship in Art and Algorithms

COVID-19 has reinforced the vital nature of friendship and community – not just with other humans but also our connections to nature, algorithms, animals and art.

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Aristotle wrote about friendship. He said that there are three kinds of friendship. Those that are useful, those that are beautiful and then the third – a type of friendship he called virtuous.

This is when the relationship or the attraction or the use actually produces a kind of harmonic state of being.

But, according to media and communications professor, Nikos Papastergiadis, the real bottom line of friendship is the experience of empathy.

This week, a new podcast – Eavesdrop on Ideas hosted by Dr Andi Horvath and Dr Suzie Fraser – explores the idea of friendship, bringing together a philosopher, a psychologist and an author.

Psychologist Dr Katie Greenaway says friendship involves a sense of emotional closeness and connection with another person, but the nature of that interpersonal connection can really vary for people.

And technology can play a role.

“If your friend is kind of made of metal and circuitry or whether it’s made of flesh and bones. Whether it’s a pet, a robot or a human - it’s the degree of the relation, the nature of the relation that counts, not the origin or the species involved,” says philosopher Professor Rosi Braidotti from Utrecht University.

This episode features:

Professor Rosie Braidotti; contemporary philosopher and feminist theoretician at Utrecht University.

Professor Nikos Papastergiadis; from the University of Melbourne Arts Faculty, author of ‘On Art and Friendship’.

Dr Katie Greenaway; from University of Melbourne’s Psychological Sciences, researcher on social connection.

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Your hosts and researchers are Dr Andi Horvath and Dr Suzie Fraser.
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