Multiculturalism and Governance Report

The 'Multiculturalism and Governance Report: Evaluating Arts Policies and Engaging Cultural Citizenship', authored by RUPC members Rimi Khan, Audrey Yue, Nikos Papastergiadis and Danielle Wyatt, is now available to read online.

Download the Multiculturalism and Governance Report

Cultural diversity in Australia continues to provide a challenge for the development of public policies. Forty-six per cent of Australia's population was born overseas or has an overseas-born parent (ABS 2012). However, government funding for the arts and cultural participation does not reflect this diversity.

This report presents a policy overview, a cultural citizenship indicator framework and models an arts value-creating ecology for culturally diverse artists.

This project is the first to develop an indicator framework for evaluating the three components of cultural citizenship - cultural participation, capacity and belonging. The framework provides a resource for arts workers and cultural policymakers to understand how cultural citizenship is generated in culturally diverse communities. While citizenship is defined as the formal, legal frameworks that underpin belonging to a nation, cultural citizenship refers to the informal, cultural dimensions that facilitate belonging and enable one to contribute to, and shape, the dominant culture.

The report also provides a current snapshot of cultural citizenship, and experiences of participation among people from migrant backgrounds.

For more information please visit the Multiculturalism and Governance website.